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Ep 174: Advocating for Your Health & the Power of Functional Medicine with SHAE LEONARD

Mar 30, 2021

After struggling for years with her health, Shae found answers in functional medicine and now encourages women to advocate for themselves to find their answers.

Connect with Shae: 

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Ep 173: Persistence is good, CONSISTENCY is BETTER - Why they're not the same & How to Identify It in Your Life

Mar 26, 2021

Are you confusing consistency with persistence?

This is a short and sweet one and I’ll get straight to the point: persistence is good, but consistency is better. Let me share why I believe the two are different and how lack of consistency...

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Ep 172: Want Dream Clients? STOP doing THIS - From Guilt Trip to Empowerment Journey

Mar 17, 2021

You may have heard some gurus out there also say in order for someone to invest in you, you need to "put them in their hell," or "stir their pain," "remind them of their problem" and I say STOP doing that.

Telling someone they can't change...

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Ep 171: Campaign You'll Never - Using Challenges to Help Others & Create Impact with AVITAL MILLER

Mar 12, 2021

Healing breakthrough facilitator and global dancer, Avital inspires people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success.

We talked handling life’s curveballs with what she calls the Campaign  You’ll Never...

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Ep 170: 3 Steps to More Clients and More SALES with Your Social Media Content

Mar 05, 2021

Want to learn how to let your posts speak from themselves and have people comment and message you saying they want to work with you? Isn’t that THE dream? And I can tell you not only it is possible, I have done it and so have my clients....

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Ep 169: Get Encouraged NOW: 2 Ways to Keep Going, Give Yourself Permission to be Proud & Avoid Comparison

Feb 26, 2021

Today is one of those days - I’ve recorded this to encourage you. Consider this your dose of empowerment, your pick me up in case you had a hard week or a hard day. I’ll be sharing 2 ways to overcome those feelings and it has...

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Ep 168: Nailing Your Personal Style - Confidence Closes with ROSE JUBB

Feb 19, 2021

Image strategist and wardrobe stylist, Rose shares how she helps women entrepreneurs feel amazing in their own skin by working on the outside, all the while working on the inside because as she put it beautifully - confidence closes! We cover...

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Ep 167: Struggling with Consistency? STOP Overcomplicating Your Business in 3 Steps

Feb 12, 2021

I see SO many posts on how people struggle with consistency in their business and with posting content on social media and I have ONE piece of advice for you DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE IT!!! But of course, I’ll go into more detail and share...

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BONUS: The #1 Reason Why Your Vision Board WON'T Come True - An Overlooked Step that Could Cost Your Dreams

Feb 10, 2021

Whether you’ve already made your vision board for 2021 or not, I highly encourage you to take a listen because I will be covering a very important and overlooked step in goal-setting. This is actually the audio extracted from a training I...

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Ep 166: Nailing Storytelling in Your Copy with Vulnerability & Authenticity with CODY BURCH

Feb 05, 2021

Marketing wiz Cody Burch helps entrepreneurs grow their business through funnels and facebook ads.

We talked about how he is such a wordsmith and makes copy writing SO simple and easy for the rest of us who struggle with it - we also covered...

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