Ep 288: How Does She Do It? LAUREN PETRULLO Shares How She Manages Her Work-Life Balance As A Serial Entrepreneur

Lauren Petrullo is an award-winning marketing expert, digital marketing and e-commerce consultant, and successful multi-founder. As the CEO and Founder of digital marketing agency, Mongoose Media, Lauren drives brand growth in the baby, beauty, and food space. She also owns three brands in those spaces: eco-conscious baby swimwear brand Beau & Belle Littles, skincare products Asian Beauty Essentials, and ceremonial grade matcha brand, Shade Matcha. 

As a member of the prestigious Leaders Network at Meta (formerly Facebook), she is a social commerce and Meta ads expert who turns $5k in ad spend into $500k in sales. 

Lauren has been featured in Yahoo!, Thrive Global, Refinery29, Shopify, Advertising Week, ComputerWorld, and Ticker News. She is an instructor at premier online community of marketing professionals DigitalMarketer. She is the winner of Prism’s Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders, dotCOMM SEO Creativity & Excellence Awards, and Marcom's Advertising & Communication Award. 

She is a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, and consultant on social commerce and Meta advertising.


Mongoose Media 



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