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Ep 45: The Importance of Bragging | Increase Confidence & Learn to Believe in Yourself

Jan 17, 2019

Are you ready to make some SERIOUS mindset shifts, ditch self-sabotage, create goals & achieve them?

Then let me help you GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

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Ep 43: How Well Do You Know Yourself? | You Can't Fix What You Don't Know Is Broken

Jan 10, 2019

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-Take the Enneagram Test and share with me what type you are! I'm a 3 ;) 


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Ep 41: Get Out of Your Own Way | Create the Habit of Success

Jan 02, 2019

Check out my Live training in the Results in a Month Group by Jenny Hale Jan 3rd @ 2pm EST.

Find out more details about my exclusive FREE 3-day Challenge on HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY coming on Feb 4th.

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Ep 39: Marta, How Do You Do It All? | My 3 Steps into Women Awareness & Empowerment

Dec 27, 2018

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Ep 37: Embrace the Lows | Challenges are Gifts

Dec 20, 2018

THANK YOU for almost a whole year of support!

You guys have confirmed and fueled my passion to encourage women and moms everywhere.







Hong Kong





New Zealand



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Ep 34: Ditch the Dreading - Reflecting on Your Thoughts and Feelings Before They Escalate

Dec 06, 2018

Have you left our show a review yet? I created a short tutorial on my stories on Instagram to help you. It's so easy!

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Ep 32: Get Honest & Vulnerable with Yourself | You Can Do Anything If You Know Who You Are

Nov 29, 2018

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Ep 30: How Unresolved Business in Your Past May Be Holding You Back - Identify & Deal with Self-Sabotage

Nov 22, 2018

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Ep 28: Tapping into Your True Self - Becoming an Intentional Manifestor

Nov 15, 2018

Check out the Manifestation Babe's resources.

Listen to her episode I mentioned on the show.


Are you having a hard time tapping into your true self and manifesting the life & business of your dreams? Schedule a STRATEGY CALL with...

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Ep 26: What is Your Definition of Success? Ditch Denial & Celebrate Your Strengths

Nov 08, 2018

Do you need a Success Coach? Schedule a Strategy Call with me to find out!

Check out what the ladies who have worked with me are saying:

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