Get Visible with Me - 7-day 1:1 Coaching Experience

Curious what a week in the shoes of a visibility expert is like? 👠

Let's put an end to the mystery of the question I get asked almost daily: Marta, how are you everywhere?

Bringing your wildest visibility dreams to life starts with understanding what consistent action steps you could be taking towards them. 

That's why I've decided to offer a coaching experience unlike ANYTHING I've ever done before - replicating a 1:1 container to help you.. 

Learn what actions you could be taking that compound into MASSIVE visibility results to stand out in your industry!

What you get:

  • 7 days inside a private community hosted in a Telegram (app) channel
  • Daily coaching audios on a different topic pertaining to mindset, strategy & relationships to increase your visibility (like how to identify your visibility comfort zone and limitations, how to find visibility opportunities, how to be realistic about your visibility goals and adjust your ACTIONS to SKYROCKET your exposure, and so much more!)
  • Exclusive VIP upgrade opportunity to have THREE (3) real time group coaching calls with me + visibility resources

We begin March 27th and go until April 2nd.

And that's not all... For the first time ever, I'm leaving it to YOU to choose your investment level :)




What Clients Are Saying:

Marta helped us see how powerful we truly are. We were looking for help with exposure, visibility, and getting people to see our value and realized that we are in control and in the power seat. Marta also gave us direct and useful tools on how to properly market ourselves and helped us gain the confidence to reach out for exposure in our business.

Jenny Gallard & Wendy Davis

I always knew the power of being able to bounce ideas off of someone, but working with Marta has really taken it up a notch. Not only do I have my cheerleader in my back pocket, I also have someone pushing me out of my comfort zone, helping me strategize in my business and helping me clarify my next steps. I am SO grateful for all that Marta does in our chats and calls.

Nicole Baker

I've seen Marta showing up everywhere and how her visibility has increased tremendously throughout the years raising triplets and I had to check out her system. Her repurposing method is a time saver. Take the leap because Marta has your back!

Carelyn Torres

I pitched my 'Manifestation Art Experience' commission project to my local morning news station and they want to come to my studio to film me in action! I had only sent it to one news anchor who responded and said she would forward it to the right person....who just wrote me! I like them numbers. This is thanks to Marta Spirk whose course I took! Thank you Marta!

Camille Schectman

$11.00 USD or more

Want to massively elevate your visibility coaching experience?!

To get the absolute MOST out of the upcoming week together,

for an additional $100 only, get access to the EXCLUSIVE VIP UPGRADE to hyperspeed and elevate your results from the coaching experience. Participants who choose to upgrade and work together in real time can get 3x more of an impact than if they are to just go through the week alone.