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Tired of resenting where you are in your business?

Want to identify and overcome what's keeping you from your NEXT LEVEL?

I CAN HELP! Learn more


How about learning to stop expecting so much from others?

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels trying random personal development resources?


Let me show you how to create your OWN mindset shifts and truly learn to love yourself, so you can grow your business.

FREE 5 Simple Hacks to Grow Your Business

Boost confidence by looking at your most valuable resource - YOURSELF!

About Me

I'm a triplet mom, Brazilian, an empowerment coach & speaker with a passion for teaching other women entrepreneurs to LOVE & EMPOWER themselves.

My goal is to empower you to stop spinning your wheels trying random personal development resources, so you can boost confidence and grow your business by looking at your most valuable resource - YOURSELF!

For the last 4 years I've dedicated my work via The Empowered Woman Podcast and my Programs to help you celebrate YOU!

Do it for YOU

An empowered woman is a woman who takes full responsibility for her happiness. Who owns her essence and identity and understands she's amazing just the way she is.

Do it for THEM

As you learn to love, respect and accept who you are, you can pass it on to your kids. Empower yourself so you can raise an empowered family!

Do it for US

Empowered women empower women! As you learn your true value and worth, you will be setting an example to other women around you - as well as the little girls in your life!

This sounds great, but HOW do I measure my confidence?

Sounds crazy and impossible, but after trying so many practices and systems, I developed a 5-step framework that is guaranteed to increase confidence in who you are - by starting to see yourself and listen to yourself more mindfully, like you do with the people you love the most.

Through my membership The Empowered Woman School, 1-1 Empowerment Sessions and the free Empowered Woman Community, I will help you save the time and hassle by looking at your most prized possession - YOURSELF.

Schedule a 60-minute Empowerment Session!

Be SEEN. Get reminded of your GREATNESS. Be PUSHED to your next success.


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