Ep 286: Are You Struggling To Get Visibility? News On My Collaboration Book AND 7-Day 1:1 Visibility Coaching Experience

Mar 17, 2023

Today I want to share with you some really big news! 

First, I am doing a collaboration book!  I am writing a book with the help of 25 other women and YOU could be one of them. The idea is for you to share an empowering story about...

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Ep 285: Are You An Immigrant Entrepreneur? How Russian Immigrant ALINA TIMOFEEVA’s Ted Talk On Failure Became One Of UK’s Most Viewed

Mar 10, 2023

Originally from Russia, Alina Timofeeva immigrated to London with the expectation of being a housewife. She has since then become the Associate Partner at Oliver Wyman Digital, winning multiple awards for her expertise in guiding major...

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Ep 284: Want a personal manifestation art piece? Combining manifestation and art into a business with CAMILLE SCHECTMAN

Mar 03, 2023

I’m sure you have heard of vision boards, and most likely even have one yourself. Vision boards are a creative way to gather inspiring visuals and stay focused on your goals. By putting pictures, quotes, and other items on a board, you can...

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Ep 283: Why Clients Joined And You Should Too! Show Up Empowered With Human Design

Feb 24, 2023

Today on the Empowered Woman Podcast I am joined by two wonderful women: Yvonne Gee and Shari Wagner. We speak about the Show Up Empowered 6-week LIVE group program for entrepreneurs ready to leverage their unique personality using...

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Ep 282: Are You An Introvert? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome And Making Millions with SARA DANN

Feb 17, 2023

On this week's episode, I am joined by Sara Dann, a business coach who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs create and expand businesses that enable them to generate income while pursuing their passions. Despite facing common obstacles...

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Ep 281: What Are The Similarities Between Disney World And Entrepreneurship? Lessons From My Trip Plus A (FREE) Elevator Pitch Challenge

Feb 10, 2023

Disney World is one of the most beloved places in the world, but has it lost its sparkle since 1997? As a parent traveling with triplets, I wanted to explore how Disney World 2023 compares to 1997 and whether or not the crowds and outdated rides...

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Episode 280: Unlock Your Business Potential and Take Action with Intention with Rachel Richter

Feb 03, 2023

Rachel Richter is the Founder and Managing Partner of INLIGN, the premier alignment coaching and advisory practice for teams and organizations seeking to rectify misalignment and enable optimal functioning. Rachel describes alignment as...

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Episode 279: An Intro To Human Design And How I Guide Clients To Visibility With NEHA NAIK

Jan 27, 2023

What exactly is Human Design?

Human Design is like a treasure map to your true self! It's a fun way to learn about yourself by combining astrology, spirituality, and science to uncover your unique strengths, weaknesses, and best path in life....

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Episode 278: How To Unleash Your Inner Mom-trepreneur with Lyss Morton

Jan 20, 2023

Lyss is an inspiring example of a woman who has achieved success in multiple areas of life. She is the owner of five different businesses, a podcast host, author, speaker, goal-getter, mother and wife. Lyss is also a self-taught wedding floral...

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Episode 277: From Food Stamps to Millionaire While Prioritizing Family with RACHEL NGOM

Jan 13, 2023

Rachel Ngom is the host of the She’s Making an Impact Podcast (Marta was a guest in 2022, listen to the episode HERE). She is a business and lead-generation expert, helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create more freedom in their...

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