Ep 336: My Top 3 Healthy Habits for High Performance. Beat stress and low energy for maximum results

Listen in as I unpack the significance of consistent self-care habits and how they've been integral to my success as a mom, entrepreneur, and all-around go-getter. I'll share with you my personal fitness journey using a streaming service since 2016 and how it's become the bedrock of my mental and physical health. From waking up at the crack of dawn to working out before the household stirs, discover the profound impact that a structured routine can have on setting a positive tone for the day. I also touch upon the role that physical challenges play in fostering mental resilience—a trait that's not just beneficial but necessary for navigating the rollercoaster of business and life.

In our chat, we also cover the often-overlooked yet critical aspects of sleep and sobriety. Learn how enlisting the help of a sleep consultant revolutionized our family's routine, allowing me to capitalize on those precious nap times to build my business. You'll hear about the struggles and triumphs of maintaining early bedtimes and the sacrifices made to stay present during events like New Year's Eve. Moreover, I reflect on my experiences commuting in São Paulo and my moderate approach to alcohol, shedding light on how these choices have shaped my energy levels, outlook on life, and entrepreneurial journey. Join us for an intimate look into the daily practices that help keep the scales of work, family, and self-care in balance.

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