Ep 253: Going for What You Want & Staying Open to Possibilities. MAXIMIZE Your Journey with KARLA MERRELL

Sep 02, 2022

On this episode my guest and I are going to be talking about TEDx a little bit again - I know, I’m on a roll - but I also want to remind you about my TEDx Intensive 4-week course starting next week, right after Labor Day.

If speaking has...

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Ep 252: Want to be a Speaker? Ready to SKYROCKET Your Speaking Career? Catch the TEDx 101 Replay & Join the TEDx Intensive

Aug 26, 2022

On this episode I’ll be talking more about SPEAKING - is one of your goals for your business to become a speaker? Or if you have already started speaking, do you want to take it up a notch?

I just wrapped up my first ever workshop called...

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Ep 251: Can You Find Peace Amidst Mayhem? Simplifying Life as a Mom with MARIELLE MELLING

Aug 24, 2022

Before I get to today’s awesome guest I wanted to ask you: is being a TEDx speaker on your bucket list? Well, my friend, after so many people asking me questions and for advice since I landed my TED talk, I decided to host a workshop...

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Ep 250: What if you KNEW you CAN'T MESS IT UP? What if you TRULY are where you're meant to be? Be EMPOWERED to fulfill your purpose

Aug 05, 2022

On this episode, I ask you lots of questions and encourage you to reflect:

What would you do if you knew you were LOVED? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t mess it up? What would you do if you knew every decision you make IS GOING...

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Ep 249: Are you POSTING and HOPING? Create a Revenue-driving Social Media Marketing Plan You can Keep up with w/ JERRY POTTER

Jul 22, 2022

On this episode, I talked with Jerry Potter, founder of Five Minute Social Media, who helps overwhelmed business owners create a revenue-driving social media plan they can actually keep up with.

In a nutshell, we talked about doing 20% of the...

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Ep 248: Unexpected Health Issue, Updates & $1,000 in FREE Resources in The Empowered Woman Bundle

Jul 15, 2022

On this episode, I give you a bit of an update on me and my plans for the next few weeks as well as announce an exclusive opportunity to get FREE access to amazing EMPOWERED resources in my very first Empowered Woman Bundle. 

If you listen...

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Ep 247: Is Happiness a Byproduct of Success? Learning the Recipe to Live What Matters with BECKY MORRISON

Jul 08, 2022

On this episode I talked with Becky Morrison, Lawyer turned Happiness Coach, book author, international speaker, and mom to two.

We talked about how to balance happiness and success by understanding happiness is NOT necessarily the byproduct of...

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Ep 246: Feeling lost? Low sales? No engagement? What to do when nothing seems to be working in 3 Steps

Jul 01, 2022

As I was thinking about what to cover on this episode, this came to mind. I’ve gone through this countless times in my business and I figured someone out there would appreciate advice on this in 3 simple steps.

I also share about the replay...

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Ep 245: 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Show! Have COURAGE and Embrace FAILURE with JACLYN GALLO

Jun 24, 2022

Celebrating FOUR YEARS of the show on this episode!


51 countries and top 5 being: the US, Canada, Ireland, Antigua & Barbuda, and Germany

245 episodes

over 100 guests

In this time I’ve generated over 6 figures in income,...

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Ep 244: Are you Good at Networking? Learn Empowerment Tips to Build Connections for Your Business Specific to Your Personality Type: Feelers, Thinkers & Doers

Jun 17, 2022

On this episode I make some fun announcements:

1) you can now join DROP-IN classes in TEWS, so if you’re not ready to join the membership on an on-going monthly basis, check it out! and

2) I’ll be doing monthly Empowerment Tips for...

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