Ep 337: Do your finances intimidate you? Getting financially empowered with Jenna Biancavilla

Join us as we sit down with Jenna Biancavilla, a pioneering financial advisor who forged her path amidst the chaos of the 2008 financial crisis. Listen in as Jenna shares her bold venture in launching Pearl Capital, a firm standing out not just for its all-female team but also for its independence from big banks. This conversation is a goldmine for anyone interested in the entrepreneurial spirit, financial industry insights, and the empowerment of women in leadership roles. Jenna's story is a testament to the courage and tenacity required to create and sustain a business in a volatile market, and her dedication to mentorship within her team is truly inspiring.

In this episode, we also unpack the emotional layers of business ownership, the crucial role of compliance and regulation in finance, and Jenna's latest initiative, Svvy, designed to shield women from financial malpractices. Jenna's journey from financial advisor to fintech entrepreneur highlights the importance of adaptability and resilience in business. 


Connect with Jenna:
Website: besvvy.com
Instagram: @jennabiancavilla
LinkedIn: Jenna Biancavilla


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