Ep 330: How to turn your creative passion into a thriving business with Eli Lev

Do you have the guts to follow your passion and change career after years of being a successful professional?

Our guest, Eli Lev, did just that. As a former middle school teacher turned independent musician, he bravely transitioned from a stable job to embracing musical entrepreneurship. For him, it’s about living his passion and exploring creativity.

Eli shares his journey from education to music, discussing the importance of viewing music as an art, but also as a product, emphasizing music as a business.

We also touched on how to build a fanbase and create a sustainable career through Modern Musician by using online music marketing, offering merch, tiered bundles, and personalized experiences.

As former teachers, we dive into lifelong learning and how we can share knowledge even outside of the educational institutions we used to be in. From his traditional career to pursuing the music industry, Eli proves that the skills gained from his former career are valuable in any field.

Tune in the conversation to gain tips about creating a successful career path with one’s passion and strength. Let his story empower you to embrace the power of both creativity and entrepreneurship to succeed.

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About Eli:
Eli Lev's journey from English teacher to captivating folk-pop musician is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of passion. Prompted by a transformative experience on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Eli embarked on a global journey, ultimately dedicating himself to music after a pivotal meditation retreat. Despite early industry challenges, he embraced the unknown, leaving job stability behind. Eli's music, rooted in the belief in its healing power, resonates globally, exploring themes of love and self-discovery. His live performances, marked by undeniable charisma, forge profound connections with audiences, showcasing the genuine essence of his craft. Beyond music, Eli's mission calls for unity and healing, fostering spaces for shared humanity and connections in a fragmented world. Grateful for challenges that shaped his journey, Eli stands as an emerging force in folk-pop, a beacon of hope illustrating that through music, we can inspire, heal, and create a better world.

Connect with Eli:
Website: eli-lev.com
IG: @elilevmusic
FB: Eli Lev



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