Ep 209: Overwhelmed with Offers, Automations, Discovery Calls? Get ready to CLOSE and make SALES like never before with MICHELLE TERPSTRA

Sep 10, 2021

Michelle Terpstra, Sales Coach, Strategist & Consultant spent a decade working for 3 Fortune 500’s as a Sales Leader and went on to start her own business helping coaches, consultants and service providers to create, implement...

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Ep 208: From Hiding and Insecurity to SHOWING UP EMPOWERED - Client Testimonial with CARELYN TORRES

Sep 03, 2021

Today I’ve decided to, instead of outlining my new profram SHOW UP EMPOWERED and tell you why you should join, have on of my clients do the job for me! I had a chat with my client Carelyn Torres live inside my FB group, The Empowered Woman...

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Ep 207: Are you DONE hiding your VALUE? My #1 Tip to GET LOUD about your Offers & Business

Aug 27, 2021

Today we’ll be talking about GETTING LOUD about your business - like JLO shows up for her performances or, *insert your favorite Diva*.

Instead of worrying so much about creating the perfect ideal client Avatar, let’s EMBODY that one...

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Ep 206: Feeling Invisible? 3 Tips to be INVINCIBLE and Showing up EMPOWERED - Join the FREE Message Clarity Challenge

Aug 20, 2021

On this episode I talk about going from feeling INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE by implementing 3 tips to SHOW UP EMPOWERED and getting clear on your message - it is YOUR job as a business owner to believe your expertise is valuable, so let’s make...

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Ep 205: Preparing for the Unexpected with LYNN LAMBRECHT

Aug 13, 2021

Today I’m starting a bit of a different format for my interviews. As you know, I meet and talk to several women and also men on a daily basis - it is my PASSION to get to know incredible people doing amazing things in the world.

So I...

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Ep 204: What your audience REALLY needs to be ready to INVEST | Why NOT YOU?

Aug 03, 2021

Brace yourself for another dose of encouragement as I share what really really matters for your audience to connect with you AND invest. I also brag on my amazing clients who make all of this work worth it and possible and invite you to come...

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Ep 203: The TRUTH about Marketing - Come to my Content Clinic for HOT SEAT Coaching

Jul 28, 2021

I shared some reflections from an entrepreneurial event I went to over the weekend and also wanted to ask you: What is marketing anyway? is it just using the right words to make people want to buy from you?

Tune in to learn my take on this AND...

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Ep 202: Gratitude for the Present & Eagerness for the Future - Living Life to its Fullest with JOSHUA CHURCH

Jul 23, 2021

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who made a huge impact on my coaching journey. I talked to Joshua Church, Director of Operations at High Impact Coaching, who helped the founder scale to multiple 7-figures and a team of 20 in less...

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Ep 201: Simplify Marketing Your Business in 3 Steps - Reduce Overwhelm & Procrastination

Jul 14, 2021

How would you like to SIMPLIFY the marketing of your business?

If that’s something you’re interested in, stay with me! Today I’m going to help you STOP tantruming as an online business owner and also, reframe instantant...

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200 EPISODES! Doing the SCARY thing and Releasing MY FIRST BOOK

Jul 06, 2021

Today you’re in for a BIG celebration. This is officially our 200th episode - WHAT isn’t that insane!? And because I love a party and finding reasons to be proud of myself, I’m adding something HUGE to this - I’m letting...

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