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Ep 302: What is the biggest enemy to you becoming visible? Plus details on my Visibility VIP Day!

Today I want to share a concept I came up with talking about visibility. People, visibility is in your control! 

But there is one major thing holding you back - hmmm what could it be? 

Listen and find out! 


Want to take your business & message VISIBILITY to new heights... 

Without hiring a PR or Marketing agency?

Introducing: Visibility VIP Day!! 

Leverage the power of social media, stages, and podcasts by BOOKING ME FOR A DAY and having a professional's eyes on your business! 

The VIP offer is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1:

Pre-VIP Day strategy call  

7 days BEFORE your VIP day, we'll spend 60-90 minutes diving deep into your goals, assess your assets, and create a prioritized list of objectives you’d like handled.

Part 2:

VIP Intensive Day

We’ll start the day with a kickoff call to make sure the top priorities from the intake call are still the top priorities and then, I’ll get to work and start plowing through the punch list, which may include (but not limited to): signature talk outline, description and blurb, talk slides, speaker page, lead magnet concept & copy, podcast & TV pitches, visibility plan, etc. You won't have to clear your schedule to work with me - and we can have a check in call midday and before end of day.

Part 3:

14 days of Voxer/email support  

When you sign up, we’ll connect on Voxer for the week leading up to your VIP Day through 14 days after your VIP Day. That way, you can ask questions as you carry out the strategy we created together.

Click here to learn more and to join! 


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