Ep 339: How grateful are you, really? The profound impact of gratitude with Sohale Sizar

May 17, 2024

 Join us as we sit down with Sohale, a pioneering entrepreneur from New Hope, Pennsylvania, who has been dedicated to brightening lives from a young age. He shares his transformational journey, from launching an HIV initiative at nine to...

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Ep 338: Working alongside Michael Jordan and becoming Unrivaled with Valerie Tyson

May 10, 2024

In this episode, I chat with Valerie Tyson, head of strategy and sports at Unrivaled Group, as she shares her journey in the male-dominated world of sports and entertainment. From her start in sports marketing to working with icons like...

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Ep 337: Do your finances intimidate you? Getting financially empowered with Jenna Biancavilla

May 03, 2024

Join us as we sit down with Jenna Biancavilla, a pioneering financial advisor who forged her path amidst the chaos of the 2008 financial crisis. Listen in as Jenna shares her bold venture in launching Pearl Capital, a firm standing out not just...

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Ep 336: My Top 3 Healthy Habits for High Performance. Beat stress and low energy for maximum results

Apr 26, 2024

Listen in as I unpack the significance of consistent self-care habits and how they've been integral to my success as a mom, entrepreneur, and all-around go-getter. I'll share with you my personal fitness journey using a streaming service since...

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Ep: 335 Let your business flourish and grow. Encouragement from a florist turned business strategist ANDREEA SANDU

Apr 19, 2024

Join us as we start on a captivating journey with Andreea, an extraordinary business strategist who began her entrepreneurial adventure at the tender age of 17, running a cleaning service in her native Sicily. Listen in as Andreea recounts the...

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Ep 334: Pioneering solutions for women's vaginal health with Giana Jarrah

Apr 12, 2024

Do you dream of starting your own business but feel held back by your lack of entrepreneurial experience? 

Are you struggling with a personal challenge that you wish you could turn into a solution to help others?

In this episode, we're...

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Ep 333: Love what you do but not making money? Here's how to build a profitable business with Marley Majcher

Apr 05, 2024

Have you ever started something you love but found out it's hard to make money from it? 

Many women entrepreneurs start businesses because they're passionate about something, but then they hit a big problem: money management and finding...

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Ep 332: Feeling stuck in your career? How to trust your inner guidance and find your true purpose with Jenna Donohue

Mar 29, 2024

Feeling stuck and unsure about your path in life? 

Many of us spend years chasing what society tells us we should want, only to end up feeling unfulfilled and questioning our purpose. It's easy to fall into the trap of following a path laid...

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Ep 331: Empowered women in leadership roles! Practical leadership tips to unlock your full potential with Amanda Dorenberg

Mar 22, 2024

We've all faced moments of doubt, where the path ahead seems uncertain and our dreams a bit too distant.

But what if the secret to overcoming challenges lies in embracing our authentic selves and pursuing our passions with strong determination?


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Ep 330: How to turn your creative passion into a thriving business with Eli Lev

Mar 08, 2024

Do you have the guts to follow your passion and change career after years of being a successful professional?

Our guest, Eli Lev, did just that. As a former middle school teacher turned independent musician, he bravely transitioned from a stable...

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