Ep 261: The Empowered Woman Book & Path Series with EMMA KOBIL

And today we’re kicking off a special series I decided to do as I’m doing a BIG push for my book and my very first Empowered Woman Book Club.

It’s called the Empowered Woman Book & Path Series and I’m interviewing several women who have read and left a review on my book about the 5 steps on the Empowered Woman Path as well as their personal empowered path to success in life and business.

I’m soooo excited.

My very first guest is Emma Kobil, she is a licensed professional counselor practicing online with clients in Colorado and Florida. Her philosophically informed therapeutic approach focuses on helping creative and perfectionist women practice self-compassion.

Connect with Emma:


And join the FREE Book Club: www.martaspirk.com/bookclub 


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