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In the School you will FINALLY learn how to:

✅  Get clear on your business pillars and framework

✅  Identify your ideal client's pain points that intersect with your solutions

✅  Kick perfectionism to the curb and find joy in experimenting to connect with your audience

✅  Present solutions and value FREELY, that showcase your expertise and the POSSIBILITIES of working with you 

✅  Turn the audience EVERY time you speak into fans and PAYING CLIENTS!

What is The Empowered Woman School?

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3 Pillars of Personal & Business Growth Made Easy

Become an aware, confident and EMPOWERED woman at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey!



In today's age of information overload the last thing you need is another 500+ hour video course that leads to overwhelm and frustration. This is why our content is actionable and practical - no fluff or theory here.



Even the best content in the world won't do you much good if you don't know how to apply it to your unique situation. This is where our monthly group coaching & 1-1 sessions come into play to provide guidance and support right when you need it most.


Come for the content, benefit from the coaching, and stay for the community. Our community is made up of other like-minded women entrepreneurs just like you and are there to offer support, encouragement, and practical advice in real time. 




$37/mo after

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  • Guest expert lessons

  • Templates

BONUS: Get SHOWCASED in upcoming events and interviews



Being a woman entrepreneur isn't like the perfect highlight reel accounts on social media. I talk to women all the time who say they feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unfulfilled with their business

I've had women from different backgrounds and walks of life reach out to me because they want to know what my "secret" is to KEEP SHOWING UP (while being a wife and mom to 5-year-old triplets in the middle of a pandemic!).

The reality is that I'm not special or uniquely blessed. I'm just like you, but in my personal development journey I realized I didn't have to LEARN EVERYTHING (every strategy, funnel, tactic) BY MYSELF, I just needed someone to guide me and show me what I needed to focus on RIGHT NOW to connect with my audience. This has led me to find mentors/coaches and support groups with specific strategies that increased my self-awareness and guided me to TRUST MYSELF to grow my business authentically.

Most women think their next breakthrough will happen when reading THAT book or listening to THAT podcast or attending THAT event, but the reality is that your next big break happens when you learn to SEE, ACCEPT & LOVE who you are and where you are today - and that's what attracts your ideal client.

This is exactly what I teach and walk your through inside The Empowered Woman School - how to focus on your most valuable asset - yourself.


When you join The Empowered Woman School you get:





I created this method for your exact path to success as a woman and entrepreneur. Identify WHERE you are on the path, what your NEXT stage is and the specific STEPS you need to reach your next level. 


This intimate group of like-minded women entrepreneurs provide the peer-support that we’re lacking right now, during a time of isolation and uncertainty


These group coaching calls will provide the support needed to navigate through unexpected situations.

Plus get the bonuses:

1:1 Onboarding Call with Me

Identify your biggest blocks and gain clarity on what you should focus on to start seeing results faster after our 1:1 deep dive.

Content Creation Co-Working Sesssions

You'll be able to work on content and brainstorm together at least once monthly, gain clarity and exposure as you develop content and empower women with your experiences.

Guest Expert Calls

Every month a guest expert joins us to teach a mindful practice or business strategy, adding value to our group and helping you create more connections.

What members are saying...


"What is different about The Empowered Woman School is the diversity and seeing the different ways women are creating a second stream of income - and, at the same time, learning how in spite of our differences, we all struggle with similar things; we all struggle with self-confidence."

Kayla Dorethy


"Being a part of The Empowered Woman School really changed me. Marta really cares about my growth and who I am. I've felt it so deeply and clearly."

Zil Eiler


 "Simply put, Marta knows what she's talking about. It's been super encouraging for me working with Marta and all the women in the School. If I have a question, she'll get back to me straight away and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll find out! I've been taking further steps because of being a part of this community; it's been simple strategies and easy-to-follow steps."

Carissa Pretsel 


"Marta is dynamic, engaging and has a unique, singular sincerty in wanting to help us succeed. I really think you'd benefit from the accountability, the exercises the material,  and most importantly the camaraderie we have as a group of women entrepreneurs."

Vesta Hager

Let me help you get visible, trusted & PAID!

Hi! I'm Marta. 

With over twenty years of  experience as a teacher, translator and interpreter, I have been able to engage with my audience to support them through the toughest of times. With my 5-Step Engage to Serve Method, I get right to the point with strategies that actually work for entrepreneurs who struggle to show up confidently and engage their audiences with their offer.

I am committed to helping you stop spinning your wheels trying random personal development resources & entrepreneurial strategies, and finally learn to boost confidence and grow your business by looking at your most valuable resource - YOURSELF!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Imagine what life would look like...

When you TRULY love the woman in the mirror, find your voice and OWN it and build CONFIDENCE in your life and business

"Marta is such a force of positivity. When she speaks with you, it makes you feel empowered and do more with your life. If you're looking for great guidance, then she's your lady. I am thankful to be implementing the tools she has taught me in my business."

Shana H.
Health Coach


"Marta was instrumental in helping me pursue my passion in my own unique way. The online world is full of noise and can be really intimidating. But Marta's methods helped me to embrace my voice and develop myself and my online business with clarity."

Nicole O.
Family Attorney

"Working with Marta has made all the difference in my life. I didn't realize how much I was lacking in clarity until I began using the Engage to Serve Method™. If you're struggling to jumpstart your confidence and business, this program is for you!"

Meghan S.
Health Coach


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