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  • With over twenty years of  experience as a teacher, translator and interpreter, I have been able to engage with my audience to support them through the toughest of times. With my 5-Step Engage to Serve Method, I get right to the point with strategies that actually work for entrepreneurs who struggle to show up confidently and engage their audiences with their offer.
  • On my weekly podcast The Empowered Woman, I opens up the conversation about personal growth, visibility, and profit and give women a chance to share their voice about their wins, struggles, and questions as entrepreneurs who also wear so many hats in their personal lives.
  • To support women entrepreneurs in beginning their journey into confidence and visibility, I created the Get Seen, Gain Trust & Get Paid Masterclass that helps women identify how they're positioning themselves to their audience and how to nurture them into paying clients. 
  • As a leading authority in her field, I have used my knowledge about visibility and engagement to create The Empowered Woman School, an online course and membership, that provides women entrepreneurs with all the action, inspiration, and support they need not only to win over current insecurities, but also to implement systems and support for future hardships.
  • Because of my experience in how to support women that are facing a block in their business growth, I have been featured on several podcasts, blogs and even on the local news to share my tips and strategies on women empowerment.

But I'm so much more than an Empowerment Coach:

I was born and raised in Brazil to an entrepreneur dad and a pastor mom. Very early on I demonstrated an interest for the English language and American culture, and began teaching English at 14.

I went on to get a BA and MA in English, became a certified court interpreter and married an American who I met in a church conference in Tulsa, OK.

After the surprise and blessing of triplets in 2016, I found a passion for encouraging and empowering women - as I learned to encourage and empower myself through the hardships of adult (and triplet) life.

In 2020, my dream of becoming a US Citizen finally came true and my coaching business grew exponentially to the point of being able to serve thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them stop spinning their wheels trying random personal development resources, and finally learn to boost confidence and grow their business by looking at their most valuable resource - THEMSELVES!

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