What’s your Six Figure Personality?

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🧠 Do you have no idea how to effectively work on your mindset? 

🙇🏻‍♀️ Do you sit at your desk and feel lost at what to do to move your business forward? 

😑 Do you have no clue how to engage in conversations and build relationships that create opportunities and lead to more clients?

What if I told you the real ticket 🎟  is understanding yourself TODAY at such a deeper level, you're able to see you're not so far off from being the successful version of yourself you SO crave to be?

This is exactly what I help you discover in my SIX FIGURE PERSONALITY QUIZ - I show you the THREE main stances or personality types I've identified in my studies of the Enneagram and how understanding what you naturally are inclined to behave like NOW can give so much insight on where you're going!

Are you a FEELER, THINKER or DOER???