Ep 344: Building Acting Careers for Kids and Empowering Moms with Annie Semenova

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Annie Semenova, a remarkable woman who shares her journey from immigrating to the U.S. with her young daughter to building a thriving business in the acting industry. Annie's story begins with her days as a Disney princess at kids' parties and evolves into the creation of multiple acting studios. Now, she runs a successful online program tailored for moms of aspiring young actors. Annie's six-week program is a comprehensive guide that includes video lessons, weekly masterminds, one-on-one mentoring, and a supportive community. We also explore the invaluable benefits of acting for children, such as developing soft skills and resilience, while addressing common concerns about industry pressures. Annie sheds light on the different attitudes toward acting between her Russian-speaking and American audiences, offering a unique cultural perspective.

Listen in as we discuss the rapid learning curve for child actors and the support systems necessary for their success. This episode highlights the potential financial rewards from commercials and series, realistic expectations for job frequency, and the importance of professional headshots. Annie's expertise shines as she describes a six-week program designed to fast-track children's acting careers, complete with insights from industry experts like casting directors and coaches. We also touch on the concept of empowerment for women and children, emphasizing the importance of self-belief, fearlessness, and nurturing essential life skills. Annie's dedication to supporting moms and kids is truly inspiring, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the acting industry and personal growth.


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Instagram: @annie.bemomager


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