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In this guide, you will find the 3 main visibility categories:

✅ Content: have an offer suite, plan your next launch, map out your content calendar

✅ Speaking: have a signature talk, apply to speak in different events and organizations, research and pitch to podcasts

✅  Networking: search for and join networking groups, promote your business and build relationships for success

✅  Increase your sales by STANDING OUT in your industry!

With this guide you will:

Generate more exposure

Build brand awareness

Make more sales

Have more touch points with your audience

Get consistent with your marketing

Get visibility momentum 

Hi! I'm Marta Spirk

I'm a wife, mom to 7-year-old triplets, TEDx speaker, best-selling author, recording artist and visibility strategist. By committing to the strategies that I will be showing you in this guide, I have been able to steadily grow my business in the span of 7 years, from my first $10K launch, to my first $100K in sales, to my first $100K YEAR! I did it all with intention and a STRATEGY with my visibility. 

It worked for me and it will work for you, too. 

And I'll show you exactly how!

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