Ep 346: From Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) to Happy V: A Journey of Empowerment with Daniella Levy

Jul 12, 2024

 Join us as we sit down with Daniella Levy, the inspiring CEO and co-founder of Happy V, a women's wellness company revolutionizing vaginal, urinary tract, and gut health. Daniella opens up about her personal battle with recurrent bacterial...

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Ep 344: Building Acting Careers for Kids and Empowering Moms with Annie Semenova

Jun 28, 2024

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Annie Semenova, a remarkable woman who shares her journey from immigrating to the U.S. with her young daughter to building a thriving business in the acting industry. Annie's story begins with her days...

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Ep 343: Are you a neurodivergent entrepreneur? Learn to thrive beyond your diagnosis with Heather Florio

Jun 14, 2024

Join us for a conversation with Heather Florio, the CEO and second-generation owner of Desert Harvest, as we explore the inspiring journey behind this unique company. Heather shares the touching story of how Desert Harvest was born out of a need...

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Ep 342: Does money love you? Improve your relationship with money with Julia Carlson

Jun 07, 2024

In this episode, we hear from Julia Carlson, a trailblazing entrepreneur in the financial services industry. Julia shares her remarkable story of starting her own wealth management firm at just 23 years old in a male-dominated field. Through her...

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Ep 341: Scale your business to $7+ figures per year through Biblical principles with Sean and Rusty

May 31, 2024

Join us for an inspiring episode as we chat with Sean and Rusty, who both have faced immense personal and professional challenges and emerged stronger through faith and resilience. Sean, a veteran and former gym owner, opens up about his journey...

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Ep 340: Are you guilty of these visibility mistakes? The 3 biggest visibility no-no’s and how to avoid them

May 24, 2024

Listen in as I unpack three biggest visibility mistakess that businesses frequently commit, pulling from my own entrepreneurial journey and coaching insights. I'll reveal why patience is key, not just for you but also for allowing your audience...

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Ep 339: How grateful are you, really? The profound impact of gratitude with Sohale Sizar

May 17, 2024

 Join us as we sit down with Sohale, a pioneering entrepreneur from New Hope, Pennsylvania, who has been dedicated to brightening lives from a young age. He shares his transformational journey, from launching an HIV initiative at nine to...

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Ep 338: Working alongside Michael Jordan and becoming Unrivaled with Valerie Tyson

May 10, 2024

In this episode, I chat with Valerie Tyson, head of strategy and sports at Unrivaled Group, as she shares her journey in the male-dominated world of sports and entertainment. From her start in sports marketing to working with icons like...

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Ep 337: Do your finances intimidate you? Getting financially empowered with Jenna Biancavilla

May 03, 2024

Join us as we sit down with Jenna Biancavilla, a pioneering financial advisor who forged her path amidst the chaos of the 2008 financial crisis. Listen in as Jenna shares her bold venture in launching Pearl Capital, a firm standing out not just...

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Ep 336: My Top 3 Healthy Habits for High Performance. Beat stress and low energy for maximum results

Apr 26, 2024

Listen in as I unpack the significance of consistent self-care habits and how they've been integral to my success as a mom, entrepreneur, and all-around go-getter. I'll share with you my personal fitness journey using a streaming service since...

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