Ep 343: Are you a neurodivergent entrepreneur? Learn to thrive beyond your diagnosis with Heather Florio

Join us for a conversation with Heather Florio, the CEO and second-generation owner of Desert Harvest, as we explore the inspiring journey behind this unique company. Heather shares the touching story of how Desert Harvest was born out of a need to help her aunt, who suffered from interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disorder. Discover how this personal mission led to the development of their unique aloe vera formulation, now a cornerstone of their wide range of pelvic and sexual health products. Heather discusses her personal involvement in refining these products to meet unmet needs within the health community, highlighting innovations like their methylated B complex and iso-osmolar pH-balanced lubricant.

Heather shares the challenges and rewards of expanding her family business, inspired by her entrepreneurial mother. She shares how a life-altering diagnosis and wellness practices influenced her leadership. Heather also highlights the importance of understanding neurodiversity and her autism diagnosis. Connect with Desert Harvest to explore their health products. This episode offers insights on health, wellness, and entrepreneurship.


Connect with Heather:
Website: www.desertharvest.com
Facebook: Desert Harvest
Instagram: @hmflorio / @desertharvestaloevera


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