Ep 342: Does money love you? Improve your relationship with money with Julia Carlson

In this episode, we hear from Julia Carlson, a trailblazing entrepreneur in the financial services industry. Julia shares her remarkable story of starting her own wealth management firm at just 23 years old in a male-dominated field. Through her insightful anecdotes, you'll learn about the early influences that shaped her path, from lessons in investing taught by her family to the supportive business education she received in high school. Julia candidly discusses the challenges she faced, including overcoming imposter syndrome, and reveals her mission to educate others on achieving financial independence. You'll also get a sneak peek into her book, "Money Loves You," which blends mindset transformation with practical steps to building wealth.

This segment offers tips for a healthy money mindset, linking self-worth to financial well-being. Overcoming imposter syndrome and shifting from external validation to self-worth are key. Julia's "anti-budget" aligns spending with personal values by categorizing expenses into joy, comfort, and annoyance, helping to achieve financial goals and a more empowered financial life.


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Instagram: @julia.carlson_


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