Ep 341: Scale your business to $7+ figures per year through Biblical principles with Sean and Rusty

Join us for an inspiring episode as we chat with Sean and Rusty, who both have faced immense personal and professional challenges and emerged stronger through faith and resilience. Sean, a veteran and former gym owner, opens up about his journey from battling depression and business burnout to finding renewed purpose through online ministry. Rusty shares his powerful story of his mother's miraculous recovery from stage IV cancer, which inspired him to establish Brio Medical, a holistic cancer clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Together, they emphasize the transformative power of faith and scripture in overcoming life's obstacles, providing hope and encouragement to those facing similar struggles.

Sean shares how a viral video boosted his Facebook following and led him to connect with Rusty to have a transformative conversation about "Psalm's path" from Psalm 37:1-8. This opened up new opportunities and a mission to help others. Discover the power of addressing internal issues and seeking spiritual healing. 


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