Ep 340: Are you guilty of these visibility mistakes? The 3 biggest visibility no-no’s and how to avoid them

Listen in as I unpack three biggest visibility mistakess that businesses frequently commit, pulling from my own entrepreneurial journey and coaching insights. I'll reveal why patience is key, not just for you but also for allowing your audience to truly connect with your marketing efforts. I'll also explain why a curious approach to engaging with your audience can significantly enhance interaction, and I'll touch upon the significance of resilience—using setbacks as invaluable data to refine your future strategies.

Join us as we explore the art of maximizing networking for business growth, a topic often overlooked but critical for success. Learn the importance of asking the right questions and how tools like Zoom can revolutionize initial meetings, saving time and ensuring compatibility. I’ll share my perspective on why direct messaging can be a powerful networking tool, emphasizing that persistence and curiosity are your allies in expanding your reach and sharing your message with a broader audience.


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