Ep 327: Reach more people! 9 easy ways to use podcast for business growth

Are you ready to grow your business in an organic and impactful way? Looking for the right strategy to get in front of your ideal audience? 

In this episode, I sit down with Trevor Oldham, the brain behind Podcasting You, and take you through his own story of building a business from the ground up. Starting as a college student with a passion for motivation, Trevor transformed his drive into a thriving podcasting company.

He spills the beans on what it takes to stand out in the podcasting industry. He breaks down the process of getting started on podcasts, from understanding your target audience to crafting the perfect podcast pitch and following up with hosts.

Trevor's agency helps investment companies shine on podcasts, and how these appearances can skyrocket their success.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a podcaster, or both, this episode is packed with practical advice that will help you leverage the power of podcasting to make your mark and grow your business. 

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One thing I don't talk about enough is the impact podcasting has had on my professional life, and how it opened so many doors for me. So if you want to start a podcast or you want to level up your current one, then you need to work with my podcast strategist, Juliana Barbati. She owns a podcast marketing and production agency and her team takes care of everything from editing and optimizing to scheduling for you making this process a breeze for you. She's seriously the best. All her info is in the show notes. You can go to julianabarbati.com and tell her I sent you.


About Trevor

In 2017, Trevor Oldham created Podcasting You in response to the necessity for outstanding real estate investors to have the opportunity to spread their narrative on high-ranking podcasts. So far, Podcasting You has worked with 400+ real estate professionals and booked 6,500+ interviews.  Trevor himself is committed to a NNN Deal, Multifamily, and Self-Storage Development Deal, in addition to investing in mortgage notes and continually enlarging his real estate portfolio.

Connect with Trevor:

Website: podcastingyou.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevorjoldham/

IG: @trevoroldham



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