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Ep 323: How to Trust Your Intuition (Even When It Feels Scary) with Deanna Merlino

Have you ever felt stuck in your life or career, longing for change but unsure how to make it happen?

If you’re ready to redefine your personal and professional life, then this episode is for you.

Join me and Deanna Merlino as she shares her transformation from a corporate career to a thriving entrepreneurial life as an Intuitive Life Coach and Energetic Healer. 

Through Deanna's story, you’ll discover how facing challenges led her to embrace change and experience profound personal growth, professional fulfillment, and an authentic entrepreneurial journey. By tuning into her intuition along the way, she found the empowerment to redefine her path. Her inspirational transformation will motivate you to further listen to your inner wisdom and embrace your authentic self as you navigate your own personal transformation journey to realize your full potential.

Deanna also shares her approach through her spiritual life coaching program and how it can help lead to personal and professional development. 

Tune in and get ready to be motivated to embrace your path to empowerment!

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About Deanna:
I am a present Momma, committed wife & Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. Host of Empowered with Deanna Merlino Podcast, an all-encompassing show sharing deeply about all things personal development, wellness, manifestation, spirituality & entrepreneurship.  Keynote motivational speaker and an Amazon best-selling published author. An Intuitive life/business/money & mindset coach and a Quantum Energetic Healer. Owner & Creator of The Empowered Academy: A globally recognized training provider of transformational accredited courses. Co-owner/creator of Empowered Collective: In-person spiritual retreats, online healing classes/workshops & community. Proud manager of my late father’s hand-built vacation rental properties, adding my own personal twist by transforming them in event rental & retreat spaces as well.

Connect with Deanna:

Instagram: @theempoweredcoach333

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