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Ep 321: My 3 Non-negotiables for more visibility in 2024

In this episode, we explore the essential strategies for skyrocketing your business visibility in 2024. We kick off by discussing the three non-negotiables that every entrepreneur must have: a solid content strategy, a speaking strategy, and a networking strategy. I walk you through how to effectively plan your content month by month, week by week, to ensure consistent sales, highlight the importance of having a clear path if you're looking to become a professional speaker and focus on the art of networking, an often underestimated aspect of business growth. 

As your guide, I underline the need for an intentional approach to networking that yields predictable results. The conversation also touches on creating a customer journey with different engagement levels and price points, using urgency to drive sales and the importance of asking targeted questions to refine your business approach. These strategies are not just ideas; they're the foundation for standing out and making an impact.

Get ready to take notes and elevate your business's presence as we share over 30 visibility-boosting ideas (access it here: and introduce a mastermind program designed to keep you accountable and support your entrepreneurial journey (more details:



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