Ep 207: Are you DONE hiding your VALUE? My #1 Tip to GET LOUD about your Offers & Business

Today we’ll be talking about GETTING LOUD about your business - like JLO shows up for her performances or, *insert your favorite Diva*.

Instead of worrying so much about creating the perfect ideal client Avatar, let’s EMBODY that one person we wish we were half as confident as… who is she? What if you showed up LIKE HER every time you talked about your business? I will share my #1 tip to make sure that happens and you’ll be shining SO BRIGHT, everyone will notice something has shifted.

And it has everything to do with my brand new 6-week group coaching program SHOW UP EMPOWERED.

We begin Sept 7th, after Labor Day, join us here: www.martaspirk.com/showupempowered



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