6-Week LIVE group coaching program to solidify your content strategy, increase your visibility, and skyrocket your profit.

Our next LIVE round beings January 2022 - and you'll have LIFETIME access to all future rounds!

  • Master your message
  • Craft a no-brainer offer
  • Create a tangible content strategy
  • Systemize your marketing
  • Plan your weeks, months and quarters for PROFIT
  • BONUS: Besides LIFETIME access to future rounds, the first FIVE women get special prizes from current members!











What's the secret to SHOWING UP?

If you assume people know what you do, you may think you don't need to talk about it… 

You feel inconvenient sending emails to your list, posting daily, following up via DMs…

And then you DON'T SHOW UP!

On the flipside, you may be consistent, but little engagement and only a few sales gets you discouraged…

And then you RESENT SHOWING UP! 

The secret to STOP this cycle is HAVING A STRATEGY, so you can stay focused and build CONFIDENCE on what you can offer.

As a business owner, it's YOUR JOB to believe your message is VALUABLE and worth sharing.

Your audience can't believe that UNTIL YOU DO.

When you get clear on how awesome your offer is...

When you become more confident that you can truly help someone transform through your products and services…

When you create a system that allows you to create content and share your message easily...

You can FINALLY show up EMPOWERED!


Are you DONE hiding YOUR VALUE?

Ready to master your message, so you can EASILY communicate what you do?

Ready to have people say "I need your help"- and actually invest?

Ready to NEVER wonder what to post or what to promote ever again?

And have your next weeks, months and launches ALL mapped out?

This IS possible!

Get ready for a TANGIBLE content strategy and marketing system.

Get ready to SHOW UP so bright, everyone will notice something has shifted!

Consistency & strategy will come together so you can SHINE.

In just 6 weeks


This is SOOOOO good and I'm SO excited!

By enrolling in Show Up EMPOWERED, you will have access to ALL future LIVE rounds of the program.

WHAAAT? Yes!!!

You pay ONCE and get to join in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I open up the program for enrollment again - how awesome is that?

But there's MORE!

The first FIVE women who take advantage of this BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL, also get amazing prizes from current EMPOWERED WOMEN entrepreneurs who were the OG's of the program:

  • Gina Fontaine, Wellness Coach for Moms, has a customized Movement Resource Guide for your Mom Archetype.
  • Nina Macarie, Podcast Outreach Manager, is offering a One-sheet (media kit) Canva Template for booking more speaking/exposure opportunities!
  • Mia Miller, Alignment & Success Coach, is offering a 1:1 Alignment Session to ensure your business matches your personality and goals.
  • Total $297 value-- yours FREEEEEEE when you sign up!
Well, that convinced me! I’m in!

It's YOUR time!

No more looking at other entrepreneurs, wishing you had raving fans like them. 

You get to have that TOO by attracting the right people who love YOU and want what YOU have to offer.

Show up with a STRATEGY.

Show up with a PLAN.

Show up as YOU


I know you don't know what you can do differently to get the results you want...


I've spent a year fine-tuning and refining my message, and the results?

I tripled my income from 2020 in 2021 - and am on track to have a 6-figure year in 2022!

And when YOU begin SHOWING UP consistently and strategically, that will happen for you too! 

So if you're ready to step into FULL-BLOWN EMPOWERMENT, JOIN ME!



Hi, I'm Marta - a wife, mom to 5-year-old triplets, podcaster, writer, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. Using all of the strategies that I will be showing you in this program, I have become an expert at SHOWING UP and was able to TRIPLE my 2020 income in 2021. I did it all with consistency and a PLAN. 

It worked for me and it will work for you, too. 

And I'll show you exactly how!

Let's do it together!


6-week LIVE group coaching program to finally give you the CLARITY & CONFIDENCE you need to show up consistently and strategically in your business and see the RESULTS you've been looking for.

Ideal Client Psychological Profile & Permission

No more struggling to pinpoint who your ideal client - get CLEAR on who they are and how to create content that RESONATES with them


Nail the transformation you provide by figuring out EXACTLY what you can help them achieve and HOW

Avenue & Accountability

Craft a no-brainer offer that is the VEHICLE and PATH to take your client to their destination - as you hold them accountable

Storytelling & Resonance

Learn how to infuse your personality and experience in your content, so that your audience CONNECTS so deeply with you, they can't say NO

What clients are saying...

Vesta Hager

"I just launched and really needed this! The step-by-step on content creation was so helpful and made me feel organized and in control."

Kelsea Zongker

"l have been 50000% overwhelmed with marketing. And posting. And I have so many ideas in my head that I don't know where to start. And then I met Marta Spirk - she is the marketing QUEEN.

In under an hour she was able to take every idea that I had.... map it out and make a plan to get me started. It's like this giant weight has been lifted and I can breathe now!!!"


Brittany Fank

"I had a content mapping session with Marta and my entire month is completely planned out! Not only that, but I now have the framework to use every month to plan out my content and how to promote my offers in a way that feels good to me. If you're trying to launch something or struggling with how to break down your content - you need to chat with Marta."



6-Week Live Group Coaching Program

One Payment


  • Six (6) weekly group coaching calls ($999 value)
  • One (1) additional hot-seat coaching call ($197 value)
  • Access to private Facebook community 
  • Weekly worksheets
  • Bonus #1: LIFETIME access to future rounds
  • Bonus #2: BLACK FRIDAY OG MEMBERS SPECIAL - the first FIVE (5) women who sign up get special prizes from current program members!! ($297 value)
Yes, I'm IN!

3-month Payment Plan



  • Six (6) weekly group coaching calls ($999 value)
  • One (1) additional hot-seat coaching call ($197 value)
  • Access to private Facebook community 
  • Weekly worksheets
  • Bonus #1: LIFETIME access to future rounds
  • Bonus #2: BLACK FRIDAY OG MEMBERS SPECIAL - the first FIVE (5) women who sign up get special prizes from current program members!! ($297 value)
Yes, I'm IN!


For 6 weeks, we will be on a fun and FOCUSED coaching journey together.

We kick off January 2022 (date TBD)!

Once you sign up, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you will connect with other participants and begin getting access to the content and coaching (so it helps to join early!).

You're in for an AMAZING treat.

The first session will be a psychological profile & permission deep-dive on your ideal client, where we will determine exactly who your audience is and who you WANT to work with.

The second week is all about the BEFORE/AFTER aka the TRANSFORMATION you take your clients through. We will craft a comprehensive FRAMEWORK that will be key to create content on-demand with no more overwhelm or procrastination.

The next 4 weeks are all about crafting a no-brainer offer, systemizing your content strategy and marketing, and planning your weeks, months and quarters for PROFIT!

Every week we will have a 60-minute live group coaching call with a training on the week's topic and time for all of your questions and concerns. You'll receive a worksheet for the week with tools and prompts to solidify the content you learned - you're encouraged to share your takeaways and exercises in the FB group.

Group coaching sessions will be Tuesdays at 9 AM MST** (sessions will be recorded and replays will be available for those unable to attend live!).

We will also have 1 hotseat Q+A coaching session (date TBD). You will have the opportunity to submit your questions beforehand!

And of course, you'll have access to our private Facebook community where we will all grow together to show up EMPOWERED! You can always tag me in the group with any questions you have.

With the VIP access option, you will also have a 1:1 Mapping Session at a later date in 2021 for us to map your next Launch, as well as 6 weeks of Voxer support.

** If you have a scheduling conflict please reach out to me.


A little more about me...

I'm a Brazilian girl born and raised,  teacher/translator/interpreter with over 20 years of experience in linguistics and communication. For the last 5 years,  I've been helping women to move past perfectionism, impostor syndrome and comparison and into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT.

It is both my passion and mission to give women the permission to succeed, letting their voices be heard to create the impact they were meant to have as they step into their entrepreneurial potential.

Join me today to be EMPOWERED!