Ep 229: How do YOU Show Up Empowered? What Does It Mean? Client Stories with MIA MILLER & ZAINAB RASOOL

On this episode, I talk about what SHOWING UP empowered means - but first let me tell you what showing up empowered does NOT mean: it does NOT mean that you don’t have hard days… it means you DO have hard days and you show up anyway!

And in order to expand on that, I am joined by two of my clients who are also members of my 6-week group program Show Up Empowered, Mia Miller and Zainab Rasool, so they can share how THEY show up empowered and their experience inside the program, what shifts and transformations they’ve had since joining and why YOU can benefit from this program as well.

Enroll here: www.martaspirk.com/showupempowered


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