Partnering with companies to create leadership workshops that are tailored to meet their employees’ unique and evolving needs. 

Whether you’re looking to supplement the existing trainings on personal and professional development or you’re just beginning to provide programs, we can support employees to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and become empowered leaders in any role they play throughout their life and career.

Previous workshop participants shared that they felt seen, heard, and motivated by the real and practical insights and calls for action that are always included, no matter the topic.

When partnering together to help your employees in their personal development, you will…

  • Have a one-on-one discovery call so we can discuss the culture at your company. We’ll discern which workshops are the best fit and/or if you’d like to create something new.

  • Experience highly interactive, informative yet approachable leadership trainings, which include a PDF of the presentation deck, the option to record and disseminate for future internal use, related handouts and resources, and an action items worksheet to encourage participants to start implementing and creating habits that increase emotional awareness, eliminate generational and cultural barriers, and promote inclusivity.

Signature programs include:

Stepping Into Empowered Leadership

Identify Your Personal Leadership Strategy to Become an Empowered Leader

During this training, professionals at any level will learn in 3 steps how to leverage their personality not only to find well-being in their career, but empower others to do the same.


Show Up Empowered

Leadership Strategies to Increase Talent Retention

During this training, your team leaders will learn how to enhance communication skills and improve relationships with others and themselves. 

Empowered Leaders Empower Leaders

Create an Empowered Company Culture

During this training, upper management will learn through personal discovery tools how to harmoniously engage team leaders and team members, by better understanding their personality and motivations. 

“Your workshop yesterday was great and I know it will only get better. I loved the panelists and was blown out of the water by your presentation!”

- Edith Ortiz, Travel Agent

“I'm so grateful for Marta. She teaches us to share our gifts and walk in our purpose because that's how you empower yourself and others.”

- Lisa Roth, Photographer

“Wonderful workshop. Marta is a fantastic facilitator. Her empathy breeds comfort and security in the group.”

- Gina Fontaine, Health & Wellness Coach

Loving All of Me Workshop
- Sao Paulo, Brazil

Setting Intentions for 2020 Workshop - Denver, CO

International Breakthrough Business Bootcamp - Denver, CO


TEDx Talk

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Official Bio

Marta is a wife, mom to 6-year-old triplets, best-selling author, TEDx speaker and  empowerment coach, helping busy professionals enhance their communication skills and improve their relationships to create healthy company cultureeliminate generational and cultural barriers, and promote inclusivity.

After facing challenges both in her personal and professional life, immigrating from Brazil to the United States, having triplets, and going through a career change, Marta has been passionate about supporting individuals to recognize their strengths and weaknesses to become empowered leaders in any role they play throughout life. 

She earned a Bachelor's degree in Translation English/Portuguese/French in Brazil and a Master's in Applied Linguistics at the University of Colorado Denver in 2012.

She has been featured on Denver's Channel 2 news and spoken for several local organizations. See her media page for sampling of interviews.


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