Ep 315: The realistic way to have a $100K year in sales

Join Marta as she shares the authentic journey behind her first $100,000 year in business. From the highs of reaching this significant milestone to the heartaches and struggles it took to get there, she bares it all. She's a firm believer in paying it forward, so rather than just reveling in the victory, she gives a transparent account of her journey, emphasizing that success is never a straight path. Listen in for her unique approach to celebrating business milestones and insights into how she hit her first $10,000 launch in 2021 and $100,000 in sales in 2022.

Don't miss her deep discussion on the importance of strategy and mindset in business. She talks candidly about the challenges faced - the stressful times, arguments with her husband, and resentment towards mentors and clients. Discover how focusing on the basics and creating content and conversations with your audience can fuel your success. You'll also hear about her special training, 'The $100K Year Debrief,' where she shares in detail the strategies that helped her reach this financial goal, and a client joins her to share their experience with these strategies. So, tune in, and let's embrace the realistic way to grow your business together.

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