Ep 345: From Corporate to CEO: Game-Changing Strategies that Led to Entrepreneurial Success with Tracy Marlowe

In this episode, Tracy Marlowe, CEO of Creative Noggin, shares the journey of building an all-woman, purpose-driven marketing firm. Tracy opens up about how her quest to balance a demanding career with motherhood led to the creation of a 100% remote agency that empowers women. Discover the heartfelt origins of the company’s name and mission, and learn about the unique benefits that an all-women team brings to both employee satisfaction and client success. Tracy highlights how the firm's approach resonates with their primary clients in the service industries, making a meaningful impact in their markets.

We also explore the path from corporate careers to entrepreneurship, specifically for women. Tracy and I discuss the initial fears, the necessity of taking risks, and the importance of self-belief. We emphasize the value of joining entrepreneurial communities like the National Association of Women Business Owners for support and resources. Tracy shares her insights on delegating tasks, hiring smarter individuals, and the importance of continuous learning through various resources. Tune in for valuable advice and hear about influential books such as "Traction" and "Who Not How" that have helped shape successful business journeys.


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