Ep 329: Build your dream team! Why company culture and values are important in growing your business with Christy Pretzinger

 Feeling the pressure of building a team that truly reflects your company's values? 

In today's competitive market, fostering a positive company culture can be the key to success, but it's not always easy to know where to start.

Today I am joined by Christy Pretzinger, the CEO of WG Content Strategy and Creation. Christy shares her personal story of transforming her business from its original identity, WriterGirl, into the powerhouse it is today. 

She dives into the strategies that propelled her success in the healthcare content space, her proactive approach to rebranding, and the importance of company culture and personal development in business growth. 

You’ll learn team management tips and how the power of kindness in business, helped Christy’s team grow stronger and more connected. Plus, get a sneak peek into her upcoming book on leveraging your "cultural balance sheet" for a thriving business ecosystem.

Tune in to this heartening conversation and walk away with actionable insights to elevate your business and personal life. 


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About Christy:

As the owner and CEO of WriterGirl, Christy Pretzinger transformed the landscape of healthcare content creation. She has built an industry-leading company that delivers superior content and strategy to healthcare brands across the country. Along the way, she also changed what it means to work at a growing, woman-owned organization. She’s a popular guest speaker for both organizations and podcasts, always ready to guide audiences on how to grow leaders and build inclusive workplaces. How does she do it? Christy has always been intentional about building her business based on a culture of kindness. That approach has proven to be good for people — and the bottom line. Over time, Christy discovered her true calling: to create a workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth and helps other leaders do the same. She’s been featured on numerous podcasts, including From Founder to CEO, Her Million Dollar My$tery, Lead Like a Woman and Smart Business Revolution. See for yourself how Christy is reinventing the way businesses evaluate effective leadership, how employees can contribute to success and how everyone can win. It all starts by building on a foundation of kindness.


Connect with Christy:
Website: www.writergirl.com 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/writergirl-&-associates/
YT: Writer Girl and Associates
X: @WriterGirlAssoc



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