Ep 322: How to decide your business is worth more visibility

Join me in celebrating the fresh start of 2024 as I share my personal leap from local stages to the music industry spotlight with my debut single launched last August. This journey echoes the exhilarating beginnings of my coaching business, and I invite you to embrace the uncertainties of starting anew alongside me. As I reflect on the importance of concentrating on one goal at a time, I encourage you to trust in the process and the valuable lesson that time is on our side, just as I was reminded at a recent vision board event.

Listen in as I reveal the critical lessons learned from my initial music release, particularly the significance of a robust promotional strategy for any entrepreneur. Hear about the strategies that catapulted my Spotify following and how I've harnessed the power of networking and content planning to amplify my voice. Whether you're an aspiring speaker or an artist seeking to widen your audience, this episode is packed with insights to help you get seen and heard on the stages that matter most.



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