Ep 320: The power and healing of writing your story with ODEL ELGARAT

Join me for a captivating chat with Odel, an author and writing guide with a powerful narrative to share. Odel walks us through her personal journey of writing and publishing a memoir that traces her path from childhood dreams in Paris to coming to terms with her adoption. Listen in as she reveals the healing that writing brought into her life, transforming her from a victim of her circumstances to an empowered individual, and how using a third-person perspective in her memoir allowed her to approach her experiences with newfound objectivity. Odel's dedication to guiding others in telling their own stories is not just inspiring but a testament to the belief that everyone has a unique story worth telling.

In this heartwarming conversation, we uncover the importance of self-forgiveness and the strength it brings to personal growth and relationships. Odel and I discuss the immense power of storytelling in understanding our identities and forging stronger connections with the people in our lives, particularly the complex relationship with our mothers. Her daughters now have a profound legacy through her book, written in both Hebrew and English, ensuring they understand their mother's full identity. We hope this episode inspires you to harness the power of writing as a tool for empowerment and self-discovery.

Connect with Odel: www.odeliaelgarat.com



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