Ep 319: The role of men in respecting women with 2x Mr. Universe NORDINE ZOUAREG

Listen in as we uncover the inspiring journey of Nordine Zouareg, a former professional bodybuilder and coach, and his unique advocacy for women's rights. Born prematurely to a large family in France, Nordine's life was filled with challenges from the start. From dealing with racism and bullying to being diagnosed with Rickets, he shares how these experiences led him to weightlifting as a form of protection and ultimately, a successful bodybuilding career, earning him the title of Mr. Universe twice. But Nordine's story is not just about physical strength. Growing up in a family of strong women and being a father himself, he speaks passionately about the importance of respecting and supporting women.

Don't miss this insightful episode where we highlight the crucial role of women in society and the power they possess. Nordine discusses the responsibility men have in respecting women and advocating for their rights. We touch on relevant issues like unequal pay and the importance of women standing up for their rights and self-worth. We also talk about the true power of women, their role as the cradle of humanity, and the empowerment that comes from owning one's identity. Nordine's message is a reminder for both men and women to understand and value the strength that comes in many forms. Join us as we challenge stereotypes and shine a light on the importance of women's rights.

Connect with Nordine:

Website: www.nordinezouareg.com
IG: @nordinezouareg
FB: www.facebook.com/nordinezouaregofficial 



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