Ep 316: Publishing a collaboration book with Self-publishing.com with CHANDLER BOLT

Join us for an engaging conversation with Chandler Bolt, the founder of Self-Publishing.com, as he takes us through his inspiring journey of going from a college dropout and C-level English student with ADHD to a successful entrepreneur in the self-publishing industry. Listen in as he shares how he overcame obstacles and managed to get his books published and his business off the ground. Chandler offers an in-depth view of the services provided by Self-Publishing.com to help authors write and publish their books. You'll also hear about his book, "Published," which is packed with valuable information that anyone can use to get their books published.

In the second half of our chat, Chandler outlines a framework for achieving maximum publicity success and generating business revenue through books. He provides insights into how authors can stand out from other applicants and reach decision-makers using a combination of their book, personal relationships, and a dash of scrappiness. We also discuss Marta’s unique idea for a collaboration book and how it came to life. Chandler offers a peek into the benefits of working with Self-Publishing.com and shares his excitement for Marta’s new book, "The Empowered Woman's Path." So, whether you're a seasoned author or a newbie, tune in to learn how to navigate the self-publishing world and make the most out of your book.

Learn more about Chandler’s company, book and services: www.selfpublishing.com

Get your copy of Marta’s new book, The Empowered Woman’s Path, featuring 21 empowering authors: www.martaspirk.com/booklaunch 




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