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Ep 313: The power of a mastermind group for more visibility

In this podcast episode, Marta engages in a conversation with two of her clients and remarkable women, Deb Kramer and Gina Fontaine. They share their unique journeys in the business and empowerment world as they find their voices and embrace visibility in their respective fields. 

They also discuss the significance of joining the More Visibility Mastermind group as the next step in their journeys. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights, inspiration, and strategies for growing their businesses and becoming more visible.

Deb, a hairstylist and salon owner with nearly four decades of experience, discusses how a human design reading with Marta transformed her business. She specializes in helping women with people-pleasing tendencies and provides coaching services. To learn more about Deb, visit

Gina, a wellness practitioner and accomplished author, delves into her journey of transitioning to a brick-and-mortar business and the profound impact of her work. She shares how her expertise has made a meaningful difference in the lives of many. If you're interested in exploring Gina's offerings and discovering more about her work, please visit her website at 

For more information on the More Visibility Mastermind, you can visit, and for additional training and visibility ideas, the "Get Visible with Me" Telegram Channel is available at



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