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Ep 281: What Are The Similarities Between Disney World And Entrepreneurship? Lessons From My Trip Plus A (FREE) Elevator Pitch Challenge

Disney World is one of the most beloved places in the world, but has it lost its sparkle since 1997? As a parent traveling with triplets, I wanted to explore how Disney World 2023 compares to 1997 and whether or not the crowds and outdated rides have taken away from the experience. 

I’m then going to tie this into the business landscape and its continuous evolution. As an entrepreneur, we must stay ahead of the curve in order to succeed. Female entrepreneurs need to master essential sales skills such as understanding customer needs, developing effective marketing strategies, and creating innovative products and services. 

And this is why I felt it was really important to launch a FREE 3-Day Elevator Pitch Challenge! 

Learn how to use your Human Design to uplevel your elevator pitch & get CLEAR on your message to turn heads and make sales!

Begins Feb 14! See you there! 


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