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Ep 253: Going for What You Want & Staying Open to Possibilities. MAXIMIZE Your Journey with KARLA MERRELL

On this episode my guest and I are going to be talking about TEDx a little bit again - I know, I’m on a roll - but I also want to remind you about my TEDx Intensive 4-week course starting next week, right after Labor Day.

If speaking has been a goal of yours to grow tour business, influence and impact, this is it! I highly encourage you to take a look at the details of the program and join us for 4 weeks of coaching and accountability to implement specific steps to launch or skyrocket your speaking career on TEDx and beyond!

My guest, Karla Merrell, is THE event organizer for the TEDx I spoke for CherryCreek in Denver, CO. She’s had her event planning business for over 10 years and has such an inspiring entrepreneurial story after leaving her career as am attorney. We talked about taking chances, putting yourself out there and so much more!

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