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Ep 252: Want to be a Speaker? Ready to SKYROCKET Your Speaking Career? Catch the TEDx 101 Replay & Join the TEDx Intensive

On this episode I’ll be talking more about SPEAKING - is one of your goals for your business to become a speaker? Or if you have already started speaking, do you want to take it up a notch?

I just wrapped up my first ever workshop called TEDx101 helping ladies understand the process to finally get on stage and also shared some valuable insight on growing your brand and business through speaking.

Of course, I encourage you to check out the replay of the workshop, but I’ll share an overview here on the show today - as well as a can’t miss offer called TEDx Intensive.

Get the Fun with Reels Workshop replay:

Get the Beyond Reels Workshop on content creation replay:

Get the TEDx 101 Workshop replay:

Join us for 4 weeks starting Sept 7 in the TEDx Intensive (workshop replay included): 


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