Ep 245: 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Show! Have COURAGE and Embrace FAILURE with JACLYN GALLO

Celebrating FOUR YEARS of the show on this episode!


51 countries and top 5 being: the US, Canada, Ireland, Antigua & Barbuda, and Germany

245 episodes

over 100 guests

In this time I’ve generated over 6 figures in income, got to do several TV segments, published a book, spoke at TEDx met the most amazing people, and most importantly, learned more about myself than ever.

THANK YOU for all your support spoken and unspoken!

Today I got to interview Jaclyn Gallo, TEDx speaker, author, and in-demand life coach who focuses on courage, failure, and a positive mindset and through her own entrepreneurial journey and work, teaches women how to not give up and find value in perceived failures. We had such a great conversation. 

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