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Ep 245: 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Show! Have COURAGE and Embrace FAILURE with JACLYN GALLO

entrepreneurship marketing personal growth strategy Jun 24, 2022

Celebrating FOUR YEARS of the show on this episode!


51 countries and top 5 being: the US, Canada, Ireland, Antigua & Barbuda, and Germany

245 episodes

over 100 guests

In this time I’ve generated over 6 figures in income, got to do several TV segments, published a book, spoke at TEDx met the most amazing people, and most importantly, learned more about myself than ever.

THANK YOU for all your support spoken and unspoken!

Today I got to interview Jaclyn Gallo, TEDx speaker, author, and in-demand life coach who focuses on courage, failure, and a positive mindset and through her own entrepreneurial journey and work, teaches women how to not give up and find value in perceived failures. We had such a great conversation. 

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