Ep 227: How to FALL IN LOVE with Marketing - All your answers are WITHIN. Use the ENNEAGRAM as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Today I’m going to show you how MARKETING can become something you LOVE when you take the time to understand and love YOURSELF.  I will be stressing the fact that your business is an extension of you and that the PATH to making decisions and picking a strategy is WITHIN. All the answers are within and you are amazing just the way you are  - no more looking for validation outside of yourself and copying what everyone else is doing, ok?

This is the repurposed audio from training I just did inside my FB group - and I also announce an amazing 3-day CHALLENGE called Fall in Love with Marketing starting Feb 9th at 9:30 am MST. Are you coming? 

Register here: www.martaspirk.com/lovemarketing


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