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Ep 217: Want to avoid VOMIT MARKETING? 3 Tips to Magnetic Content that Converts into $10K Launches & Months

Today we’ll be talking about avoiding VMS - what is that you may ask? It’s what I like to call VOMIT MARKETING SYNDROME… we’ve all been there - either doing it ourselves or being a victim of it. You know, when you love what you do so much you forget not everyone in the world understands your jargon - or cares? Fret not, because there’s a free training for that! 

I am SO excited to announce my $10K Launch Debrief - where I take you behind the scenes of my $10K Launches and teach you my powerful & magnetic content creation system to CONVERT your audience into paying clients. Are you ready to stop vomiting your marketing? 

Register for the FREE training happening on 11/11 at 9am MST (replay available if you can't make it live)



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