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Ep 211: You Are a Supermom: The birth of a labor of love. My client and friend published her first book. OPEN HOUSE to The Empowered Woman School with GINA FONTAINE

Gina Fontaine has been on the show before, she’s what I call THE founding member of The Empowered Woman School, my membership for women entrepreneurs. She's a fitness expert with over 20 years of experience and a champion of moms!

Her book titled "You Are a Supermom," shows 5 ways moms can reclaim their power and thrive. I had the privilege of supporting her in the birth of this project and she even called me her “doula,” which I absolutely love! We did this interview before the book officially came out, and I’m repurposing the audio so you can benefit from this amazing conversation and, of course, get your copy of her book!

I also announce that I’m doing an Open House to TEWS, happening Oct 1st at 9am MST. If you’re a woman entrepreneur who needs content, coaching and community - come join us as a special guest to check out how I can support you and be your doula too!

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