Ep 205: Preparing for the Unexpected with LYNN LAMBRECHT

Today I’m starting a bit of a different format for my interviews. As you know, I meet and talk to several women and also men on a daily basis - it is my PASSION to get to know incredible people doing amazing things in the world.

So I decided to start my episodes with a story and then key action steps, so that you walk away with tangible takeaways to apply to your life and also pass along to the people you know.

For this first experiment, I talked to my friend, also a part of the Polkadot Powerhouse network, Lynn Lambrecht, an engaging communicator and a thought leader helping individuals and businesses prepare for contingencies at home and work. She has deep experience garnered from her global corporate career, time volunteering during catastrophic incidents and personal experiences with family, friends and clients.

She shared her amazing story on how she got here and 3 key steps to get prepared for the unexpected.

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