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Empowerment & Positivity

Marta Spirk is such a great force of positivity. When she speaks with you, you feel empowered and want to do more not only with your business but within your life. If you are looking for great enchant guidance then she’s your lady. I am thankful to implement the tools she has taught me and look forward to learning more down the road.

~Shana D. 

Fit Gut Fit Life

Marta is a life-saver!

Marta really took the time to understand my needs and my vision and how to apply specific steps to make it a reality for me. I always feel so lost and overwhelmed with everything I need to get done but Marta makes it so easy by focusing on the important action steps that propel my business. She helped me carve out my vision and make it laser focused which has been a game changer! Highly recommend this lady if you need to uplevel and get your A game on in your business!

~Laurence Annez

Addicted to Healthy

Direction not to give up!

Marta!! Thank you so much – your coaching has honestly helped me find so much clarity when it comes to my online health coaching business. I had been wanting to throw in the towel for a while all because I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to take it. But thanks to you, I now have clarity and have been growing every single day in my biz because of it. You are AMAZING!!! XO

~Katrina C.

Messy Twenties

Niche Clarity & Confidence

Marta was instrumental in helping me find the confidence to pursue my passion in my own unique way. The online world is full of noise and can be really intimidating. But Marta’s methods helped me to embrace my voice and develop my online business with clarity. Her 8 week program will help you develop both a clear niche and messaging that position you for success.

~Nicole O.

Legal Templates & More

Clarity, Confidence, Clients!

Working with Marta has made all the difference in my business! In 8 weeks of working of the program I have gained more paying clients than I have in the last year! Her three step process was just what I needed to expand my personal coaching program. I didn’t realized how much I was lacking on clarity of my niche. Once I was able to get very clear on my messaging I was so much more confident with sales. If you are struggling to jump start your business and personal brand this program is for you! I would recommend Marta and this program to anyone!!

~Meghan S.

Fit & Fierce

Just what I needed!

I’ve claimed Marta as my business mentor/coach! My business is very stagnant right now and losing customers like crazy! I need to get it going! I’m already feeling more confident and less stressed with the path I’m on since starting the program.

~Amber H.

Coffee Cravings

Perfect for Mompreneurs who are starting out!

With each assignment I can feel change! I am being challenged to grow my business. I have ALL this Support from Marta. One on One is the way to go for me. Marta is coaching me to have the Mindset that I need to be successful. She is teaching me to use the tools. Marta’s “Awe Inspiring” personality helps give me the drive I need to put my plan into action!

Thank you so much!

~Tania W.

Sketches by Tania

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