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Upgrade to the VIP Book Club Experience and get 5-module deep-dive course + exclusive community and BONUS: my 9 Original Enneagram songs!

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the Empowered Path




The Empowered Woman EXPERIENCE

A 5-module VIP Book Club experience to integrate the 5 steps in the Empowered Woman Path (outlined in The Empowered Woman Book) and show up more BOLDLY to find YOUR success in life & business. 

  • DAY 1: Notice Yourself - breakdown of the Enneagram & how it shows up in your life and business
  • DAY 2: Listen to Yourself - tools and prompts for monitoring self-talk & communicating your message
  • DAY 3: Forgive Yourself - take inventory of things/situations to LET GO of + a Ho'oponopono intro
  • DAY 4: Empower Yourself - Practice and implement different variations of a BRAG BOOK
  • DAY 5: Transform Yourself - Add it all together and realize you ARE empowered to conquer the NEW YEAR
  • BONUS: Besides LIFETIME access to all recordings, you also get 9 ORIGINAL EMPOWERED SONGS - meditation/affirmation songs on EACH Enneagram Type - for increased reflection & self-acceptance!










Is There a Path to Empowerment? Yes!

Any woman can find the path to empowerment. And with the five simple, yet powerful steps of the Empowered Woman Path, you will embark on a journey of self-acceptance and upleveling.

By taking the time to notice, listen, and forgive, you will find that empowering yourself really means embracing all that they are to become the most authentic versions of yourself.

This is the path to happiness and fulfillment, and it is nothing short of transformation!

Are you ready to step on the path to empowerment?

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By enrolling in The Empowered Woman Experience, even if you can't make it live, you will have LIFETIME access to ALL of the recordings...


I've recorded NINE original EMPOWERED SONGS for EACH Enneagram type that will act as affirmations and meditations for you to solidify your breakthroughs after reading the book and going through the bootcamp! (A $297 value-- yours FREEEEEEE when you sign up!)

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Empowered Songs Preview


Hi, I'm Marta - a wife, mom to 5-year-old triplets, podcaster, empowerment coach, marketing strategist & author. Using all of the tools that I outline in my book The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success, I have stepped out boldly to use my voice and share my gifts by building a profitable business. I did it all with consistency and a PLAN. 

It worked for me and it will work for you, too. 

And I'll show you exactly how to implement it all in the bootcamp!

Let's do it together!

What clients are saying...

Nari Kaur

"Learning the Empowered Woman Path has absolutely helped me become more self compassionate and accepting of myself. I realize the parts of my personality that I have adopted without question even if they have been destructive or sabotaging for me. It has been a liberating experience to be able to allow myself to have a more balanced lifestyle and a result of increased self love & understanding."

Kelsea Zongker

"Learning the Empowered Woman Path and the Enneagram has given me space to be who I really am, instead of trying to fit this box of who I thought I was."

Rubecca Martinez Dalton

"With the Empowered Woman Path, I have gotten really good and really comfortable with texting Marta my little wins. This is HUGE for me. I tend to keep success really close to my chest and usually keep it a secret. Having Marta there to share all the wins has been really fun and inspiring and opened up a new way of relationships for me, one in which people cheer each other on rather than compete."



The Empowered Woman EXPERIENCE

A 5-day module Book Club

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Reg. $333 (ends 11/14)

  • Five (5) LIVE group coaching calls ($999 value)
  • Access to private Facebook community 
  • Daily worksheets
  • Bonus #1: LIFETIME access to future rounds
  • Bonus #2: NINE (9) Original Enneagram Songs - meditation/affirmation tracks for each Enneagram type! ($297 value)
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In 5 modules, we will be on a fun and FOCUSED coaching journey together.

 Once you sign up, you will be added to a private Facebook group where you will connect with other participants and begin getting access to the content and coaching.

You're in for an AMAZING treat.

The first session will be an Enneagram deep-dive, where you will be able to confirm and determine your personality type and understand HOW it's been showing up in your life and business.

The second training is all about LISTENING aka the MONITORING your SELF-TALK, so you can identify negative patterns, as well and understand more clearly how to connect with yourself & with your audience.

The next 3 modules are all about finding gratitude and forgiveness for yourself and others, EMPOWERING yourself through the consistent practice of a Brag Book and fully EMBODYING the Empowered Woman within!

Every day we will have a live group coaching call with a training on the day's topic and time for all of your questions and concerns. You'll receive a worksheet for each day with tools and prompts to solidify the content you learned - you're encouraged to share your takeaways and exercises in the FB group.