An event for the multi-faceted woman entrepreneur

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8 trainings released June 25th and LIVE Panel Interview June 28th starting at 9am MST (lifetime access to recordings.)

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In this EVENT, you will learn how to:

💥 Grow your business AND still stay connected with your partner

💥 Attract clients AND keep your mental and physical health in check

💥 Keep showing up and leaving impostor syndrome & self-sabotage at the door

After the event you will:

Overcome impostor syndrome to show up confidently for your audience

Create inclusion & diversity in your offers to attract dream clients who understand your vision

Nail sales & sales calls to stop the feast and famine cycle

Work WITH your personality type to become your authentic CEO

Find One-minute solutions to stay active and prioritize your physical health

Create consistency in taking care of yourself to pour from a full cup!

Grow Your Business

Nari Kaur

Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Rubecca Martinez Dalton

Pilates Instructor

Samantha Varner

Profit Coach

Sarah Waxman

Interpersonal Connections Coach

Protect Your Energy

Gina Fontaine

Women’s Wellness Coach

Carelyn Torres

Health & Lifestyle Coach for Moms in Business

Vesta Hager

Dream Believer and Motivational Mama

Janae Grant

Life Recovery Coach

Hi! I'm Marta Spirk

I'm a writer, podcaster and  empowerment coach. I help women entrepreneurs move past perfectionism, impostor syndrome and comparison and into VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT.  I do that with my 5-step process called ENGAGE TO SERVE™, my podcast The Empowered Woman (over 90K downloads), The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops.

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